I completed my MSc degree at the Institute of Science, Karadeniz Technical University
by studying on identification of virulence protein profiles of Lactococcus garvieae with the
Western Blot Technique. My research interests are determination of fish disease agents using
molecular methods, bacterial genetics, cloning, CRISPR, e-DNA and molecular barcoding. I
have just started my PhD at the Institute of Science, Ankara University. Although I am a
beginner at eGL, I strongly believe that the new molecular techniques and a wide range of
study areas offered by eGL will make a big contribution to my career.
I have been working in Mediterranean Fisheries Research Production and Training
Institute (MEDFRI) Antalya, since 2017. I am currently carrying a project titled
“Determination of Genetic Diversity of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) Populations using
Microsatellite Markers”, which is funded by the General Directorate of Agricultural

Researches and Policies (GDARP), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. I am also taking part
in projects related to fısh breeding and genetics in aquaculture funded by GDARP as assistant